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Franklin Academy is a full service educational institution that provides educational support to its students. We ask our parents to get involved in their children’s education.

Our Teachers love your children and their profession.



Meet the Franklin Academy Teachers:


Mrs. Carolyn Butler: 4 years of study in Education from FAMU University, extra course work in varying exceptionalities. 10 years of experience teaching in private schools in Leon County.

Mr. Bruce Brown of Bruce Brown Consulting: Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and over 20 years of executive work experience in state government.


Mrs. Mary Austin Brown – Bachelor of Science Degree, Florida A & M University, Family and Consumer Science. Taught middle and High school for over 35 years in the Public School System. She is a current High School teacher at Franklin Academy. She holds a Professional Educator’s Certificate with a Reading endorsement.


Ms. Renee’ Michelle Brant – Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration from Edward Waters College.  Currently Middle School Teacher at Franklin Academy.


Dr. Barbara Thomas-Reddick, Currently Franklin Academy’s School Chaplain and administrator.


Mr. Dion Davis - Bachelor of Science Degree Journalism, University of the District of Columbia, currently educational consultant with Franklin Academy.